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                                                                Private Land Elk Hunting

The only way to guarantee yourself an Elk Tag in New Mexico is to purchase a landowner permit. Most landowner permits are issued to private ranches and elk hunts are conducted exclusively on private land.

Sacramento Mountain Outfitters* conducts private-land elk hunts in the Sacramento Mountains of central New Mexico. These ranches offer some of the finest elk-hunting experiences in New Mexico.  Sacramento Mountain Outfitters* consistently scouts 300+ bulls on these ranches. Year in, year out, the Private-Land Elk Hunts produce the highest success rates on good bulls.

All of our hunts are private land hunts. These are guaranteed land owner tags and there is no state drawing to apply for. Most of our hunts are spot and stalk. We tailor our hunts to the individual hunter. Hunting parties are kept small so that we can meet each individual hunters needs. Our experienced guides are local residents, most whom grew up in this area. This is an added advantage as our guides are familiar with the country and have spent many hours scouting before hunters arrive and between hunts. We specialize in elk hunting and ELK HUNTING is all we do!




Late August starts the archery elk season, this is the beginning of the rut. The rut is starting and the elk are beginning to bugle. Later in September the elk are becoming more active and the chance of calling in a trophy bull increases for hunters who like to spot and stalk. These hunts are six day hunts. Our elk hunts start in early September with our archery hunt that we limit to 3 or 4 hunters per year. These hunts are very exciting, with a very good chance at the biggest bulls. The "RUT" begins in the first part of the season and is usually in full swing after the 10th of September. Bugling bulls can be heard throughout the archery season. If you love the sweet sound of the Wapiti then this hunt is for you. Several 300+ bulls are extremely vulnerable during this time of year.


Early October starts the muzzleloader elk season with the rut in full swing. The herd bulls are bugling heavily and gathering their cows. Calling bulls from their cows can be more difficult, but the bugling makes a great opportunity to locate these trophy bulls. With the increasing range of the modern muzzleloader this offers a great opportunity for a trophy bull. Muzzleloader hunts are 5 day hunts.


October has two rifle Elk Hunts. The first October hunt is a Youth and Mobility Impaired hunt and still offers some bugling which can make this a very successful hunt. During the later October rifle hunt the rut is ending, however with the leaves falling from the trees and a chance of snow this can offer a good opportunity for a trophy bull. Each hunt is five days.

All of our hunts are guided by the principal of fair chase. Price of the hunts does not include New Mexico game license fees, the shipping of meat, nor gratuities. A deposit of half the price of the hunt is required at booking. The second half is due 30 days prior to arrival and to be paid in cash, cashiers check or money order. All deposits are non-refundable and may not be transferred. Non-hunting guests (lodging/dining at the ranch and attending the hunt) will be charged $500.00 per hunt with a limit of two non-hunting guests per hunter. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Sacramento Mountain Elk Hunts - 2017

Archery Elk Hunts on Private Land

September 9 - September 14
September 19 - September 24

Rifle/Muzzleloader Elk Hunts on Private Land

Youth and Mobility Impaired Hunt
October 8 - October 12

Muzzleloader Hunt
October 15 - October 19

Rifle Hunt
October 22  - October 26

To log onto the New Mexico Game and Fish website to obtain a Customer Identification Number in order for us to purchase a license for you, use this link:

Not included in these prices: Meat processing, taxidermy and gratuities. Number of days listed are actual hunting days.  

What's Included:

- Lodging and Accommodations
- Transportation by 4x4 Vehicle or ATV
- Assistance with Caping, Quartering & Packing Out Game
- Three Meals Per Hunting Day
- First Meal the Evening Before Hunt Begins Hunter(s) Will Be Provided with a Dinner and Welcome Session  Between Hunter and Guide(s).
- Photos of Your Hunt on CD

What's Not Included:

- Airport Pickup/Return
- State License Fees & State Sales Tax Fees
- Meat Processing & Taxidermy Fees
- Gratuity


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